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Our Solutions are Crafted to Empower Business Owners

Inspired by and created with results in sight Real Experience aims to empower business owners by supporting them through complete marketing packages. Our packages are built for each client. Each package is designed to aid business owners where they need it most. We build effective strategies and help locate business’s target market. We focus hugely on digital marketing as business owners are able to get the biggest bang for buck. However we also help design events, create print campaigns, build packaging, design stationary and handle almost any creative project you may need.

Our packages are created to ensure that regular updates of all you digital market tools are not only executed but strategised and developed, allowing you to spend time on the areas you need to in your business. We become your voice. You are able to simply communicate what it is you want to say and we convert that and push it through all of the modern channels.

Identify the market, create the message and then decide upon the media.

Graphic Design & Copy Writing

It conveys what your business is made of from type of product or service you provide to the type of customer service you provide. Having a quality brand that customers and clients can associate with builds stronger relationships between the two parties.When a brand becomes the voice for a business to speak we begin to see uniformity across platforms and in turn increase any engagement with all content.

Copy is the direct compliment of graphic design. An effective voice conveys its message through visuals, colours, images ect but it also conveys it message through literal voice and words.

Social Media Marketing

We all know that humans are now driven by small technological devices that they keep on them 24/7. 2.3 million kiwis check their facebook page everyday and on average they spend 50 mins each on the platform. So what does this mean for your business and how can you start leveraging social media?

In New Zealand we have a special opportunity. The percentage of business’s successfully utilising this means of communication is surprisingly low. The ones standing up and making use of these platforms are currently left uncharted. Whole industries with virtually no competition.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy is a topic we love to discuss. Client acquisition is a task every business must look to innovation. Every business is different and every industry has a range of unique opportunities. So how can you build your client acquisition & engagement into your day to day habits?

Do you have a database of clients? How are you regularly keeping in touch with all of these people and how are you growing that list?

Website Design, Hostage & Email Marketing

Websites are the backbone of every business. It is a place where potential clients and customers can drop in to review your products or services. A website can be so much more than that. It can be a resource and a lead generating machine when strategically built. You can use a website to build a database and then re engage that database as well as directly convert clients or customers.

Websites go hand in hand with social media, email marketing and google Adwords. The ability to buddy these up and attract the correct audience makes them a powerful duo.

Photography & Videography

Photos are how we connect. Each image conveys a message and captures a moment. There is nothing more powerful than sharing events with your business’s clientele.

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