Due to the M-Bovis breakout in New Zealand it has come to our attention that there are many schools that will be unable to participate in calf clubs this year. We believe that many important skills and ethics are taught through this amazing experience and the breakout should not take this away from the kids. This is a vital link to the dairy farming industry and it needs to be preserved.

While we would prefer to keep calf days going at schools in the current situation we are going to provide an online independent solution for anyone who may otherwise miss out on their Calf day this year.


We are going to build a nation wide online calf club to encourage the continuing participation in this valuable event. You will be able to submit photos of your calfs in their respective catagories:

Friesian, Jersey, Cross breed, Other breeds will also be looked at and depending on demand will also be made available.

There will be three main age brackets and sub categories within.

Primary & Intermediate School.
High School.
We would love some support

Anyone who has a calf will be elligable for registration and voting will be done online. We already have a sponsor who will help us build out the website we need and help with automating various bits and pieces. We would love some support in getting the ribbons & certificates for the winners created.

Don’t feel as though you have to donate. This is a FREE event any donations received will be use for prizes, running the event and anything else needed to help calf clubs nation wide stay alive!

If you would like to get on board and support in other ways please feel free to contact us anytime.

If you have any questions please feel free to email:

Joshua Herbes from Real Experience:

Michelle Burgess from Burgess Farm Ltd:

LETS DO IT! We need numbers, register now to show your support.

Registrations close on the 20th of August!

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