Email Marketing

Email marketing is an awesome way to keep your audience up to date with the latest news your business has to offer.


While we do not recommend spamming your target markets inbox, we do recommend you keep them up to date with your latest promotions and news. Email is a form of communication that is used on a daily basis and therefor is a powerful avenue for marketing.

The trick to email marketing is to ensure every email you send out has value, tip relevant to your target market, special products maybe even another member of the communities product or service.

A once a month newsletter is harder to formulate when you are so focused on the day to day running of business. We utilise MailChimp to create amazing looking emails that engage and inform your database.

We can create your MailChimp account and maintain your email lists making it easier for you to reach out on a regular basis.


$ 80 + GST

Per Month
  • One Email Per Month
  • One Email List With Limited Management

List Targeting

$ 150 + GST

Per Month
  • Up to three emails per month, split across different lists
  • Three email lists with basic management
  • Quarterly email strategy discussion


$ 280 + GST

Per Month
  • Up to five emails per month, split across different lists
  • Five email lists with basic management
  • On-demand email request strategy service
  • Email marketing reports

Time to email your database consistently and professionally, maybe it is even time to divide your clients and email them based on their interests. If you want a hand fill in this form and we will get in touch.

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