Social Media, the most powerful tool many business’s are overlooking it due to it’s complexity. We are here to help.


New Zealanders are no different in fact comparatively to some countries we have a higher usage rate. On average New Zealanders check Facebook around 13 times a day and spend around 50 mins each day viewing content.

This creates a huge opportunity for business’s to interact on a social level with their target market. Business’s are able to target content at people based on age, location and more importantly interests. This means business’s are able to get the right content to the right people. So what is the “right” content. Many business’s fall over when they try to post nothing but sales posts. The idea of social media is to be social and start conversations. The more conversations a business has and the more people a business reaches builds more relationships and ultimately more sales.

On the other hand the platform is also the perfect place to run sales posts and promos. As long as these are correctly balanced with non hard sell content.

We work with business’s to build sales process’s, ensure a constant stream of content is running and help balance engagement based content and sales based content as well as targeting the correct demographic and managing a clients online spend. Social Media is compiled of many different platforms and each platform attracts a different kind of user. With this in mind we help our clients find the correct platform for their target market.

Social Media Monthly Packages


$ 230 + GST

Per Month
  • Two – Three Weekly Posts
  • Basic Response Management
  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions
  • Quarterly Reports

SustainableMost Popular

$ 450 + GST

Per Month
  • Three – Four Weekly Posts
  • Engagement Management
  • Bi – Monthly Strategy Sessions
  • Bi – Monthly Reports
  • Targeting Service
  • Budget Management
  • Open Phone Line For Support


$ 750 + GST

Per Month
  • Four – FIve Weekly Posts
  • High Engagement Management
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions
  • Monthly Reports
  • Targeting Service
  • Budget Management
  • Open Phone Line For Requests
  • Sales Process Integration
  • Pixel Setup
  • Re Targeting Services
  • Audience Building
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