Communications, the key to successful marketing

The effective use of a communication strategy solves two problems;

  1. Ensures people are not turned off by an incorrect sales approach
  2. Creates consistency throughout all of your marketing components

Using the correct message with each segment of our customers is key to engaging our audience and creating raving fans.

By evaluating how the human brain makes decisions we can craft marketing campaigns designed to optimise the delivery of our message.


The limbic portion of our brain is developed to take care of decision making and is in control of our; Feelings, Emotions and Behaviour Ref: Start With Why

The limbic portion of our brain has no ability to register language, facts or figures and this is why it is so important that we include our beliefs and our drives in our marketing campaigns.


While still communicating with the limbic portion of the brain, after communicating what it is that we believe in, it is then critical to communicate how it is that we achieve these beliefs.

How are we going to remedy our customers pain points?


Once you have communicated your beliefs and strategies it is time to close the deal and communicate what product or service it is that meets this beliefs and solves this pain point.

What are our customers buying?

Applying this communications knowledge to our customer journey

During the advertising phase of our marketing campaigns we are able to guide our audiences to see content in a strategic order.

These digital strategies allow us to target new business with our why, engaged customers with our how and those ready to make a purchasing decision with our what.

Selecting a voice for your communications strategy

Digging deeper into our communications strategy it is important we evaluate who our customer. Creating profiles is a great way to in-vision our potential customers and reach out to the correct people.

This also enables us to craft a tone of voice based on what our potential customers will be most reactive to.

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