Two marketing professionals with a desire to optimise efficiency create Real Experience in 2017.

Real Experiences was established in 2017 to remedy time-loss and optimise marketing resources for business owners. First working with a series of agriculturally focused businesses we have had the pleasure of really dialling in our Agri-Marketing skill set.

Real Experience, well established by early 2018, giving back to the industry takes form in the creation of Calf Club NZ

Calf Club NZ goes viral overnight and we end up on 7 sharp with Michelle Burgess a Waikato dairy farmer who continues to work with us to make Calf Club NZ a possibility.

Proud sponsors join us in our endeavour to provide the nation wide online Calf Club.

Proud Sponsors & Supporters Of Calf Club NZ

Videography Investment Proves Valuable In Agri-Marketing

In 2019 we invested heavily in our videography wing of Real Experience, establishing robust processes and successful formats we prepare to upgrade all campaigns to incorporate videography.

Lighting, Sound and Footage Quality as well as video composure were our key areas we focused in on and we now have a fully functioning videography wing within Real Experience.

Across 2020 we actively incorporate videography into all of our campaigns and see great success.